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Some things you should understand about this California Notary Public:

I verify the identity of the individual who signs the document. 

I do not verify the truthfulness, accuracy, or validity of the document.

I am an impartial witness.

I verify the signer is signing under his or her own free will and is not under duress.

I witness signing of documents and administer oaths or affirmations.

Although, notaries serve the public, I owe primary allegiance to the laws of California.

Some of the fundamentals of notarization are:

The signer must appear in person in the same room with the notary at the time of the notarization.


A notary may identify a signer in one of three ways:  Personal Knowledge, Identification Cards, or a Credible Witness.

The notary must be confident  that no one is trying to coerce or intimidate a signer into signing a document.

The notary must maintain a journal record of the Notarization that occurred.

Notary certificates are either wording preprinted or typed on the document itself, or on a separate page attached.

The reason for all these steps is simple, we are deterring fraud.

Below are some examples of documents you may need notarized:

Advanced Healthcare Directive



Apostille Processing

Auto Loan Document

Auto Title Document

Bill of Sale

Buyer Doc

Certified Copy of POA

Child Custody

Child Support

Commercial Loans

Consent Letter to Travel Abroad




Deed of Trust


Grant Deed Transfer


Home Equity


Hybrid E-Closing

Immigration Document

Jail Signing


Legal Separation

Lien Release

Life Insurance

Living Trust

Living Will

Name Change

Notice of Motion

Order to Show Cause


Permission Granted by One Parent to Another to Obtain a Passport for a Minor

Power of Attorney



Quit Claim


Request for Consular Report of Birth

Request for Death Certificate

Request for DMV Docs that Require Notary


SAM.GOV Registration Processing

Seller Doc


Split Closings

T-47 Real Property Affidavit

Time Share Buyer Document

Time Share Seller Document

Unclaimed Property Affirmation Form


Live Scan Fingerprinting Notary and Loan Documents

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